From one author's journey, to publishing services Start-up

Our Story

In summer of 2012, Elise Kova found herself with an itch she hadn't felt in a long while—the need to write. Several months and five books later, the itch was scratched and she found herself asking the question most debut authors ask at the beginning of their career, "What next?"

Kova set to querying literary agents with her work (because that's what you're supposed to do when you finish a book, right?). A year later, she had not received one offer of representation. Some would call this poor luck. Others, poor planning. Her friends rightfully say her query sucked.

In hindsight, Kova calls it fate.

With nothing but faith in her story, Kova set out to learn about self-publishing. Leveraging her background in international business and marketing from her MBA degree, as well as professional experience (in more marketing and social media at a Fortune 200 company), she approached publishing as a business and Silver Wing Press was first incorporated in 2015 with the publication of AIR AWAKENS.

As a one woman show, founded with the core idea that good publishing doesn't just come from big houses, Silver Wing Press remains a quiet operation (which, Kova is happy with).

In winter of 2017, Silver Wing Press took on its second author, Lynn Larsh, as Elise Kova's co-author. Currently, the press considers any author assistance and services on a case by case basis, as Kova still maintains an active publishing schedule.